Label Review: Food & Cosmetics


Food Label Reviews

Need help ensuring that your food labels comply with legal requirements for local or export markets? Let us assess your label, from the product name and ingredients list, to the nutritional table and claims we cover it all.

Regulatory Research

Have some technical questions on regulations or labelling, but not looking for a label review? Let us help you find the answers with our Regulatory Research service.

Cosmetics Label Reviews

The Cosmetics market is a tough, self-regulated industry. From Lipstick to Moisturiser, let us assist you to make sure your Cosmetics label complies to the Standards and Codes of Practice.


For transparency and to assist in understanding the Label review process we have provided a brief summary below.

STEP 1 Request a Quotation

Make contact with us and request a quote for a label review. We will need the following to process the quote: The destination country and a "To scale" PDF of the label, or if you need to start with a design brief, the Product name, ingredients list, intended claims, and the nutritional analysis (first check with us to see if nutritional analysis is required). 

STEP 2 Determine Label Tier

We assess the Label to determine which tier the product label falls into in terms of pricing. Tier 1: Standard label review, containing no nutritional or health claims and no review of product standards required. Tier 2: Label review containing minimal nutritional claims, no health claims and no review of product standards required. Tier 3: Is a top tier label review includes nutritional claims, health claims (not permitted in RSA) and product standards review (in RSA required for baby foods, seafood, canned meats and agricultural products). All of our tiers include nutritional formatting from a nutritional certificate of analysis to the correct label format. 

STEP 3 Submit the Quote for approval

We submit the quote to you for approval. We do not start the review process until we have received a sign acceptance of quotation from our customers. Please note: our prices are based on a sliding scale and we do offer reduced pricing for multiple variants or pack sizes of the same product category. 

STEP 6 Design changes & Final review

We conduct the final assessment of the label for compliance with the legal requirements. If we are satisfied, we will give you the go ahead to proceed to print the labels. The process is complete and you can now sit back, relax and have that well deserved cup of coffee!

STEP 5 Design changes & Second review

Your designers make the required changes and the revised label is sent to us for the second review. Please ensure that all the changes have been made, because if not this can stall the process. Alternatively you can put the designers in direct contact with us if they have any technical questions regarding the required changes. Once the final changes have been made the revised label is sent back to us for the final review. 

STEP 4 First Review

Once acceptance of quote has been received we begin the first review of the label. This step typically take around 10 working days to complete, depending on where your label is in the queue and the label tier, but we will let you know as soon as we have completed the first review. It is our standard policy that two reviewers assess each label for accuracy. We prioritise all projects and endeavour to complete them in a timely manner and guarantee that you will not wait longer than 10 working days from receipt of quote to delivery of the first review.

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