Auditing Food Safety to achieve certification


We offer a variety of auditing services to help you achieve and maintain your certification.


Internal auditing is a fundamental requirement of all Food Safety Certifications. It is essential that these audits be conducted by an impartial and independent auditor. If your business is too small to conduct their own independent audits or time is an issue, let us help you out. On the other hand if you are interested in being empowered to conduct your own internal audits we also offer internal auditor training, check out our training page for more info.


Whether you are aiming for FSSC22000, BRCGS or another Food Safety Certification let us help you achieve your goal. Our Pre-certification audits prepare your team for the day of the audit by identifying potential gaps in your Food Safety Management System. A secondary, but essential outcome of the Pre-certification audit is that the processes familiarises the client with their own Management System as well as the auditing methods and questions that may present at the certification audit.


Manufacturers are often unaware that the safety of their product is dependent on their suppliers. Each producer in the food chain plays a vital role in maintaining food safety of the end product. Depending on the nature, seasonality and uniqueness of your product it may not always be possible to purchase ingredients from a supplier that has a Food Safety Certification; in these instances supplier audits are fundamental. Let us assist you to ensure that your suppliers are complying to Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety standards. 

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"Compliance is not synonymous with due diligence; in fact, it's only a component of due diligence."

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