About Chimera

About Chimera

There is nothing more valuable in this world than knowledge and being able to know how to do something, at Chimera Systems our aim is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Founded in 2014, Chimera Systems is an independent consultancy specialising in the areas of Food safety management and Food labelling. With a wide background in local and international food regulations, we provide support to the food industry in understanding the legal requirements around food safety, food labelling, and nutritional claims. We provide our clients with the support, training and other dedicated services required to fulfil the unique needs of each project.

We are passionate about passing on our knowledge, expertise and tools that we have learnt over the years. We find a sense of joy and accomplishment when we see our clients achieve their goals and work through the challenges they are faced with in the realm of food safety and food law. Nothing compares to witnessing the excitement in clients eyes when they have that “light bulb” moment.

We value clients who are driven, proactive, engaged, eager to learn and want to become successful, clients who challenge us but respect our boundaries. These are qualities we value in the people we choose to work with.

From tutoring to group training events Gillian has always had a passion for educating, even more so when clients achieve that ‘light bulb’ moment. Having trained staff in HACCP, Food Safety Management Systems, internal auditing, food fraud, food defence, food microbiology and food labelling, Gillian is well versed in the linking concepts with practicality both in food safety and legality. With over a decade of experience with a variety of products and manufacturing environments from fish and fishery products, canned meats, bakery and confectionary products, imitation dairy, catering, cereal product, dried food ingredients and spices to pharmaceutical clean-rooms an research laboratories, Gillian can help you succeed. She has a Master’s in Microbiology (Stellenbosch University), has completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Education and has found her niche in training and educating. With a wealth of experience in verification and validation she understands that effective microbiological control in the food industry is crucial to food safety.

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Why Chimera?

The Chimera, mentioned in 5th century Greek mythology was a hybrid composed of a lion, a goat and a serpent, believed to have been birthed from the mount Chimaear in Lycia.

In symbology the lion represents protection and power, the goat practicality and persistence while the serpent represents wisdom and decisiveness. The Chimera was used as the name and figurehead of the company because of the three aspects that Food Safety systems provide to a manufacturer. These Food safety systems serve to protect the client's business and their products, are practical in the day-to-day running of the company and impart wisdom through knowledge management, and facilitating decision making processes.